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Candidate Hiring Process

Candidate Hiring Process Of Our Company

Hiring Process of Candidate at First India Website Design company has a process set aside for hiring candidates. Have a look and see if you can be a part of our family.

What do we expect of you?
If you are a fresher, once you complete your education you should try and understand the interviewing process that is expected of web designers. You are naturally going to find a lot of competition.

You should be proficient with the knowledge of your particular industry. However, please do remember that you should just not use technical jargon in order to impress us. You should be able to relate to us on a daily basis. There is a big difference between theoretical and practical usages. You should be able to respond to our day to day concerns. You should be able to get your idea across like maybe to a layperson.

Set an example:-
If you are a graduate from a design college you have an added advantage. Make an outstanding portfolio of your work that you might have accomplished so far. We understand that being a fresher you might not have had a client or a job yet; however, you must have been creative during your college. Try and use this. Emphasize whatever kind of work fits best for the job that you are applying.

Online Portfolio:-
You should have a personal portfolio of your work in an attractive binder. It is a lovely way to show off. You should also be able to give us an online address of the portfolio so that we can have a look at it after you have left. You should be able to show us that you might be an ideal candidate for us. You should also be able to explain your portfolio and highlight the why’s. You should be able to tell us what influenced your design and why. You need to be able to describe the design process and your role in the designing of it.

Skills and Education:-
Web design positions need a good college level education or work experience that is related. Designers are supposed to decide on the graphics, colors, viewer experience and text of a website in such a way that we are able to retain customers. So you should be able to show us in the interview that you can provide all that.

Our Expectations:-
We expect that our candidates have a portfolio of their work; which does not mean all shine and no matter. You should be able to understand the fundamentals of making a website from CSS3 or HTML5 or beyond. We are looking for a designer who knows basic search engine optimization with methods of grabbing customers. We will dig deep inside so we see not only creativity but also skill and a person who knows the groundwork behind choices.

We understand that being a fresher, you might not have references. So you should work really hard to impress us. It will be your portfolio that will speak to us; also your communication skills and your proper comprehension of the reason behind the web design. Be daring and let us know if we are having any gaps in our design presence and how we can fill it. Apart from the interview, we recommend that you have a LinkedIn presence so that we can get an idea of your personality. We want someone who can fit into our culture and family.

Soft Skills:-
Soft skills are one area where everyone might not give attention. But we do. We feel that it is a mirror of how a person thinks, communicates or is able to work. Hence, we assess not only your hard skills but also soft skills too. You should have the desire to learn, a capability to understand your audience and how they might want to interact with your design. You should have critical thinking and problem solving skills. One of the most important skills that we look for is listening skill. A designer should know how to interpret a user’s feedback. You should also have the capability to express your design to the development team.

Industry Knowledge:-
Digital design is a fast evolving area. Hence, you should be up to date on the industry trends and design so that you can help us stay ahead of the curve and remain in the competitive market. You should be able to tell us what kind of publications or blogs you read and why. You should be able to discuss with us the current trends and which companies you feel are going the right way.

Basic Knowledge:-
You should have the understanding of very basic communication design concepts and their use. For example – what fonts are the most easy to be read online, what is the most convenient line spacing or font size?

Small Assignment:-
Finally we might assign you with a small test job which will be paid if we are impressed with it. That will be the deciding factor for our final candidate. This will help us in deciding the level of creativity, professionalism and knowledge that you have.

If you are a candidate with some experience, we might follow a slightly different route
During the interview you should be able to explain your creative process, whether you are comfortable with HTML writing entirely by hand, what are the applications that you use, a few sites that you might like and why, your favorite development tools and why and what do you do to stay up to date with design trends.

When we get to your portfolio, you should be able to walk us through some of the projects handled by you. We would like to know the entire process from the very first draft to the finished version. You should tell us about the iterations that were done and what was the feedback that you got? You should explain the target audience for your design and the impact on your work.

As for your resume, you will be expected to talk about your supervisor and boss and reasons for wanting to leave your previous organization and why you would want to join our family. So if you think that you are the candidate for us and can contribute to our family, do give us a call or send your resume in. We will be happy to have a talk with you.

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