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Digital Marketing & SEO Case Studies for Startups

If you are a business owner surely you would know the difference in a case study that is total fluff and something that displays a true ability or a true business impact. Our case studies based on SEO and digital marketing is the proper deal. Our conversations and case studies only revolve around what is most important – sales. It might be leads that convert into sales or e-commerce sales which are more easily measured; what we are aware is that business owners only need their business to grow and not just get plain visibility. We have shown a few of our Digital marketing case studies which are based on sales results. For security and privacy purposes we have not revealed the names of the companies -
There is a Forklift and Truck Equipment Company. They wanted to increase their site leads and turned to us. They wanted us to build a new website that could advance the forklift distribution in a wider area. Also they needed their premier truck equipment abilities across near-by states. We optimized the service and product content on their website; we made a blog and also executed a feature of live chat so as to enhance customer engagement as well as online conversions. We targeted on improving the depth and quality of the content, refreshed the design and integrated applicable and pertinent keywords through the whole website. That way we could boost the site traffic, bring in new leads as well as enhance customer interactions; which finally lead to more sales.

We compared the results over two quarters each over two years.
• 70% organic traffic growth.
• 44% increase in phone calls (web exclusive).
• 41% increase in site leads.
• As of now, we are still continuing support to their online marketing efforts and we expect that this success will continue in the future.
• This particular company is the maker of Peanut candies and different flavored toffees. They wanted to enlarge their e-commerce website’s marketing strategy. We had already built and implemented a very profitable content marketing strategy for them previously. And hence, they had confidence in us.

Goals – They wanted the following:
• More sales of their candies and toffees online.
• More engagement from kids on their website.
• More traffic with the help of new mobile apps.
We applied a planned strategy and built further on the content work that we had done earlier. This was inclusive of optimizing as well as adding more fresh content in developing videos, lengthened product descriptions, crafting of PDF games which were printable and more social media involvement like on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Today, this has resulted in more success for this candy and toffee maker with revenues from mobile visits going up 30% over the year and organic visits to the site with a 40% increase over the year. They did have a total store CMS switch. However, our optimum changes to their products helped in maintaining revenue and traffic with a by and large 10% boost in online sales. For us the content is the King. So with more visibility and fresh content we met; in fact exceeded their tastiest expectations. The third company is a new medical and laser spa in Delhi. We were supposed to generate more awareness of their services and also bring in more potential online clients. They were expecting a dynamic website and knew that we could do it for them. We knew that a website can be good only if the right customer has a look at it. So we wanted to target organic web traffic which could lead to actual sales. Hence, after much deliberation, we launched their website with content which targeted our client’s primary audience. We tactically placed inline forms which gave prospective customers the chance to ask for more info – maybe about a service and also ask for consultations or appointments. These forms helped us engage users and also start a conversation about their treatments. Our work with them still continues. In the last year alone, they have seen a 105% increase in organic search traffic as well as a 60% more in form leads. Phone call leads also increased and showed a 98% increase, more than the previous year. They still count on us so that we can together continue the success story online.

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