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Education Portal Development Company in Delhi, India

Website portals are needed for different kinds of businesses as well as organizations. Educational portals are online educational programs which are used to mainly to conduct classes for students through methods of e-learning. In this the teachers interact using online videos as well as audio sessions, in addition to forums and online posts. In these portals, practical sessions, online course materials and projects as well as various other resources can be utilized. First India Website Design is top notch educational portal development company in Delhi offers best educational portal development services in Delhi NCR, India. We make customized web portals for educational institutions, schools and colleges. This gives them a online web presence. We create online learning portals which have excellent content management systems and so the school and college students are enabled with the learning prospects which are simplified. Using our educational portals development services in Delhi from the First India Website Design is instructors are able to post the information about the courses such as the syllabus, the resources needed, the external links, project planning, requirements of the project, management of projects, information about projects and frequently asked questions.

The features of our educational portal developments are:
• A photo gallery which can be used for uploading and updation of photos of various kinds of activities
• A calendar which conveys dates to the parents and the students
• An Alumni of students through online registration as well as through database management
• Educational tools such as wikis which help the study material base increase for the students
• Learning support material as well as a repository of knowledge
• Discussion boards which are used by the student
• A panel for the faculty which deals with Admin tasks
• Management of the course
• Management of activities and events
• Management of organizations and clubs
• Management of feedback of the students
• Creating and posting of job opportunities for the students in the institution, for research as well as for volunteering
• Student galleries
• Reviews for examinations
• Reporting and catalogs
• Assessments and tests
• Services for Payment gateways
The best educational portal development services in Delhi from First India Website Design is robust as well as has fascinating features. These have access which is convenient and this allows for a more customized approach to applications. The experts company of First India Website Design is implement web technologies that are advanced and they use open source elements for designing the educational portal development.

What makes us special?
At First India Website Design is first study your system of education. We develop a website on the basis of the way you are work and your requirements as well then we move simplify your education system and customize the website as per the improved lean system. We also ensure planned development of the website so that we provide crucial information to people and the design of the website created is attractive and it engages the entire audience. This we do because due to the development of technologies, the way people interact has changed. Initially in order to study and attend classes, a physical presence was necessary. Now, it is possible to attend class and study even from home or anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. We are able to bring about a change to the working system and due to the educational portals developed by us parents and students are more drawn to the interne.

Features offered by us for educational portal development are:
• Our portals have responsive websites. The sites can be accessed from various devices regardless of the operating system and the platform in use.
• The portal allows for online training and material as well as the students have easy access to portals and links. Training can be attended and acquired from the comfort of the home.
• The education apps are accessible and support all platforms and devices including iOS and Android.
• We offer tools and content as well as have software which caters to students with learning disabilities.
• Our software for back office and administration management is used for running special education programs.
• We have developed platforms which are meant for collaborative learning, for online learning, virtual classrooms as well as for testing and evaluation online.
• There are platforms which have content repositories, academic portals as well as management systems. These are used by faculty, students, institutions as well as administrators and parents as well.
• The management of courses is through course management software.

The range of educational portal development services in this regard which is provided by us are:
• Full service hosting where we provide reliable and secure hosting for the portal and the website.
• We provide development as well as integration if the clients want to manage the hosting by themselves. We handle the development of the site, deploying it as well as maintaining it.
• We provide AMC or dedicated full time resources to maintain the systems in addition to customer support and services.
• We also have graphic designers which help in branding so the portal looks extremely professional and attractive.

The educational portals have several advantages and benefits:
• There is minimal use of materials and no need for equipment to be purchased or property purchase as well.
• It increases the productivity as learning is not time based on bound by geographical limits.
• It offers consistent and standard delivery of content.
• The knowledge is conveniently available and accessible at anytime from anywhere.
• It leads to improved retention as it caters to all kinds of learning styles. It has graphics, multimedia, sound and do it yourself options to cater to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.
• It decreases the training costs as it is a one time investment and so faculty need not be paid for continuous periods.

The key differentiators between us and our competitors is that we possess strong domain knowledge in the educational field. We also have deep knowledge about software maintenance and education portal development in India and we forge long term relationships with our clients. This of course is in addition to the vast number of successful projects we have created and deployed.

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