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Enterprise Portal Development Company in Delhi, India

Enterprise Information portals play an important role be it a B2B or B2C business. This is used to build extranet, intranet and internet portals. These portal solutions offer a rich interface for the user combined with content delivery that is not only accurate, updated but also well maintained and secure. Enterprise portal intranets have been commonly used now for over 2 decades and due to the increasing size as well as the complexity and the increase in the content and challenges regarding user management, the webmasters find it hard to cope. In addition to it, users expect customization and personalization. If the webmasters are really skillful, they are able to offer some of the capabilities which are required though most even after struggling are unable to provide all the capabilities needed. For the most part though, they end up just driving the users away from the intranet. Due to the dynamically changing nature of the information technologies, new opportunities are continually being explored so that the operations are streamlined and the inter business communications are improved. It also helps in the optimization of costs and in allowing the business to get a significant competitive advantage. These platforms of communication, collaboration, web services and applications are all interconnected. It allows the user access from anywhere at anytime. At First India Website Design, offer enterprise portal development services in Delhi NCR, India at affordable cost. This we do for not only communication, information delivery, automation of processes but collaboration using interconnected applications as well as web services. The way at First India Website Design work is that we first identify what the business objectives are and we get a solution strategy for them and then develop a roadmap so that implementation of the enterprise portal development is possible. On the basis of the roadmap as well as the architecture, solutions are developed which have efficient performance, comprehensive business logic as well as we ensure there is the possibility to expand and to allow scalability.

Our enterprise portal development services include:
• The assessment and consultation with regards the strategy to be employed
• The analysis of the business and design of the architecture to be undertaken
• Planning of the portal
• Planning of the infrastructure
• The User interface as well as usability and design of it
• The application programming of the end to end portal
• The design of the database and it’s integration
• The Integration with other services which are third party ones which need to be used in conjunction
• Collaboration with tasks, docs, calendars, wikis, blogs, integration of emails, project management, integration of outlook, offline lists and documents as well as “lite” features
• The portals which have templates, directory of the site, my sites, privacy controlling features and social networking features as well
• Searching capability including rich people as well as business date searches, relevant context and scalability
• The management of content including the integration of document management as well as web content management which includes policies as well as workflow management and streamlining as well
• The building of business forms which have web and rich forms, front ends and Enterprise SSO
• The Business intelligence which includes server based spreadsheets and visualization of data, creation of the report center, KPIs as well as dashboards, BI web parts and business data catalogs
• Deployment of the portal and conducting of training
• Migrating to the new portal
• Customization as well as configuration of the portal
• Adding branding services
• Integrating with the enterprise applications.

We do not stop there, after this is done we also offer :
• Quality assurance as well as a complete testing is undertaken by us
• The optimization of the portal and the tuning up of the portal is then done
• The set up of the portal, it’s maintenance as well as support is offered by us
• The upgrades to the portal as well as increasing and adding various features and enhancements is also undertaken

We use Enterprise Portal Development for:
• Social networks as well as for various communities
• Digital docs and media or portals responsible for content distribution
• E commerce portals both the B2C as well as the B2B kinds
• The Portals detailing with Enterprise Information
• Portals dealing with Business Intelligence
• Portals regarding Knowledge Management
• Portals with regards web services and applications

These are just to name a few. There are many others which we work with and cater to.
With regards content management, we offer web based enterprise portal development panels and we take care of the complete life cycle of content creation and it’s publication, single sourcing as well as distributed sourcing, mashups as well as content approval and the authorization to go live. Our digital data management includes authoring as well as version controlling, storing and publishing of the documents, creating of data repositories, ensuring about the digital media distribution in terms of audio as well as video streaming, data mining and integrated searches. Our user enterprise portal development management includes registration and logins of users, single sign ons, profiling of users, user administration, multi-level membership, tracking of user behavior, analysis and reporting. We encourage communication and collaboration through mailing systems, instant messaging, web conferencing, forums, voice over IP, blogs, chats, message boards, event calendars, feedback forms, electronic newsletters, surveys, polls, ratings and reviews too. Our ecommerce offerings include shopping carts, product catalogues, auctions, secure payment processing, billing, order management, inventory management and shipping as well. We automate business processes through customer relationship management, management of workflows, managing human resources accounting and supply chain management. The levels of security are well maintained by us through various levels of user privileges as well as various access levels are provided based on the criticality as well as the policies and procedures of the client in the question. We also ensure data encryption and personalized distribution of the content. Whatever to be your requirements, whatever to be your need – at First India Website Design guarantee that our work will far exceed your expectations. We are best enterprise portal development services agency in Delhi NCR so don't worry about enterprise portal development services we can design and development portal scratch to code in the safe way that's why First India Website Design offer leading enterprise portal development services in Delhi NCR, India.

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