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General web development, Designing, & SEO FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Website Designing, Development & SEO Company FAQs

General Web Designing, Development & SEO FAQs that clarifies the queries that are popping up in your mind.
Define Web Designing:-
Web designing is a process of creating a website by including attractive images, layouts, videos, text and graphics in an electronic format. These files are stored on the web servers. The site visitors who lands on the website can view this information using their personal computer, laptops, or mobiles.

Why to create a website for my business?
It is the most common question that is asked by the businesses who are new to the digital world. Undeniably, every business needs a website to reach the potential customers in every nook and cranny of the world. In fact, the customer who is in need of your products, can find you online and contact you easily. In a nutshell, a website is a replica of a business that provides the required information about the service or product to the potential audience.

I need a professional website. Where do I start?
To start the process of building a website, you need to buy a domain that best suits your business and now you need to hire a competent web designer to design the website.

Which type of website is perfect for my businesses?
Selecting a website for your business totally depends on the nature of your business. However, there are two types of websites being designed, one is an informative website and the other is ecommerce site. In informative website, you can provide the information about your products and services while in ecommerce site you can showcase your products and let the customers buy directly.

I have a business website and need to improve it. Can you do it?
Yes, our expert designers will upgrade revive the look of the site. Our certified technical team will do through analysis of your website and list out the trends and technologies to be embraced and amendments to be made on the website.

How much it costs to develop a website?
Costs totally relies on the website you would like to develop for your business. Basically, websites range from static to dynamic including responsive ones. If you are a start-up business, then you can go for a static one with a few web pages. And, this website is cost-effective over the dynamic one that is created to handle huge chucks of data. Please feel free to contact us for free quote.

Does the price differs for the business website?
Yes, the price totally relies on the website type you choose for your business.

How long you take to develop a website?
To create a standard website, we take a week’s time. Conversely, to develop an ecommerce site, we take two to three weeks of time. Perhaps, the time also depends on the project size.

How do we need to make the payment?
We will start the project after making an initial payment. After moving to programming, we collect little amount and after completing the entire project, you would need to deposit the rest of the amount. Subsequently, you can decide the date to launch your website.

Can you design and host the website?
We can design the website, but can definitely help you out in finding the best hosting providers. We have a list of reputed hosting providers who host the websites of our esteemed clients.

Do you design both static and dynamic websites?
Yes, we are experts in creating static and dynamic websites by taking the client requirements into consideration. Our web designing and development team has a wealth of experience in developing static, dynamic, responsive, and ecommerce websites.

Can you apply SEO tactics to my website?
Yes, we are specialized in offering SEO services. Our expert digital marketers will boost the visibility of your website. We make the necessary changes to the website to boost its ranking in the SERP (Search engine results page). You can notice progress in your ranking after the changes. However, the SEO tactics applied during the web development and designing stage will see the best rank.

I have a website, but gets least potential traffic, can you suggest how to improve the traffic?
It is a very tricky question. Each website is designed in a different way and so the traffic varies from one site to another. If your website is not user-friendly or is shoddy, then it is daunting for you to get higher ranking in the search engine results. For that, you need to hire an SEO. These people help you in receiving scores of traffic for your website in no time.

What type of technical assistance do you provide?
We offer round the clock technical support for our customers. Our technical team will be ready to address the glitches and fix them immediately. We provide stellar support for the services offered. We provide a few days of free service to our customers as agreed.

Do you charge extra fee for maintaining the websites?
We only maintain the websites that are completely designed by us. We provide a free support for our clients for certain time period. After the free support period, you need to buy a support package.

How many projects you have handled successfully?
We have helped many customers to market their products by creating an appealing and eye-catching website that suits their business needs. We take pride in completing hundreds of projects successfully by adopting latest web designing technologies.

Do you optimize the websites that supports on mobiles?
Yes, we create responsive websites which let your customers, open the website on any device irrespective of their screen size. Also, we optimize the already existing site to support mobile devices.

Do you give any assurance for boosting the search engine ranking of our website?
Yes, but the ranking cannot be improved overnight. Our SEO team will put their persistent efforts and knowledge to boost your website ranking and maximize your online visibility.

How my website looks like?
Every website that is designed in our web designing and development house looks completely distinct over the other websites. Without designing the website, we cannot give the vision of how your website looks like, but can surely tell what it features. We work closely with you in the designing phase and take your valuable feedback and implement them the same while designing the site as per your preferences. Once the design phase is completed, our designers will show you the design to find out the amendments to be made. And, we reflect the changes to the design and handover the website that you have envisioned.

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