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There are many hotel management software, however, these have flaws and as a result both the sales of the hotel as well as the hotel reputation gets affected. These hotel management software are not geared for helping both the B2B as well as B2C customers simultaneously and or do they have an end to end process in the place. The features that are usually missing from these hotel portal software are instant query response and self-services. These result in losing out of a fair percentage of the sales by the hotels. Other things which these software usually lack are multi lingual support as well as multi payment options in the multiple currencies. For the sake of the business to provide seamless services and to make hotel functionality easier, hotel portals were developed. These are online platforms which are available to book hotel rooms and check the availability of rooms at any part of the day or night. It is good for those people who are tourists or need to travel for business purposes and need accommodation. These are able to choose the hotel of their choice and make informed decisions regarding the place where they will be staying. These online hotel booking portals describe the hotel, the facilities offered by the hotel, rooms, pictures, locations and other such details. Therefore, the hotel is not a surprise or a shock to the customers and clients. They are aware of the amenities the hotel contains and the kind of rooms they can expect as well as the features the hotel has. In the hotel industry this is the best way to attract customers and convert the visitors to customers by having them book reservations while they are still browsing.

These hotel management portals provide the various features:
• Automated booking engines where the employees do not need to manually book the clients. The management instead can utilize the manpower for constructive work which will be more beneficial for the hotel. These hotel portals have dynamic websites and so the hotel saves time and money as they do not need to deal with third party vendors if they do not want to or do not wish to and can directly deal with the customers themselves.
• Hotel management web portals enhance the sales by using social media as well as unleashing the power and potential of search engines. These increase the revenue of the hotel.
• Hotel portals are an easy way to communicate with customers and it helps in dealing with queries which are sent via emails or SMSes. This helps to again save time of the management as well as money of the hotel which otherwise would have been employed in order to communicate with the customers and solve their queries.
• Commissions are charged by third part agencies when they bring customers to the hotel. When there are portals, the amount of commission which needs to be shelled out is lesser as the customers themselves can book the hotel room.
• Third party agencies are given confidential access details which inform them of how much commission they have earned and the reports keep them tempted so that they are eager to earn even more.
• The hotel management portals provide a method that the customers can not only book but track their bookings as well as other services without having to call or email the management for assistance. This makes them feel more self-sufficient and self-reliant.
• The software can be deployed regardless of the platform being used, the device used as well as the operating system.
• The bookings as well as reservations are interactive and so the hotel is able to get control over both as well as all aspects of the ordering and booking process.
• It allows use of and acceptance of different currencies for payments.
• It allows for XML as well as API integration. The hotel is prepared for the global market and the hotel can be connected to third party API providers easily and effortlessly.
• There are Multilanguage features which are provided so customers from various parts of the globe can interact and book on your site with ease.
• Inventory management of hotel rooms is the crux of the business and this is developed in the portal.
• There are channel management features where hotel rooms can be distributed across various channels and they can be managed with a single interface.
• You can manage the food items, the facilities in the room, the locations, details of the hotel and the images all with a few clicks.
• Data analytics as well as reporting allow you to track facilities and keep track of data which is crucial for the business.

Good hotel booking portals like the ones we create have:
• An interface that is flexible and customizable as well.
• There is a booking engine which can be used by travel agents.
• Online reservation of hotel rooms is possible.
• Payment gateway integration is done and this allows different modes and forms of payment.
• It allows internet marketing services.
• Email marketing is possible.
• It allows for Search Engine Optimization as well as marketing.

Our B2B hotel booking portal features include:
• Agent management.
• Management of enquiries.
• Management of bookings.
• Cancellation management.
• Management of staff.
• Management of accounts.

The B2C module of the booking portal has the following features:
• It works as an interface between the hotelier and the client.
• It makes it easy to book for the client.
• It is less time consuming.
• It provides a user friendly platform.
• There are modules for customer management.
• It allows incorporation for an SMS gateway.
• It allows for email templates for registrations, alerts, cancellations, booking, invoices as well as payments.
• It provides web structures which are SEO friendly.

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