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Are you a person who is interested in starting their own recruitment firm or a consultancy service? Is it that you already have a recruitment firm but need more features and functionalities to help you work better, more effectively and efficiently and that too without involving much manual labor? If you have answered yes to this, what you require is a job portal. At First India Website Design offer you job portals development customized to your requirement and needs. Through our job portals development, a platform is created for the employees to interact and meet prospective employers and also there are jobs which can be provided based on the experience levels and qualifications of the employees. Thus the methodology of recruitment as well as searching for jobs is much easier and thus the best opportunities can be availed of not only for the job seekers but for the companies to get the best talent as well. There are more and more of these organizations which are very dependent on job portals in order to get the right person for the job and these job portals at the same time are popular among job seekers who are desperately looking out for their first job, for a change of jobs or for a change of careers. Using job portals, companies are able to search for candidates that are suitable from the database of resumes which are there. This can do by filtering based on different options and parameters. The same way, students and those seeking employment or those seeking to change their employment can use these job portals to help them get the job of their choice. They can post their resumes and also search for jobs and so much more. Our job portals development allow processing of payments through various payment gateways and you can edit the payment options on the portal. There are also distinct elements we provide such as registration options, emails, different layouts and more.

In job portal development we provide:
• The design and development of the job portal.
• The development of the recruitment portal.
• The development of custom job portals.
• The development of job websites.
• The development and web application of jobs.
• The maintenance of solutions for the job portal.

The features our job portal provides the employers are:
a) Space for those seeking jobs to upload their profile as well as to edit their profile and to view the job openings.
b) Space to the employers where the employers can post advertisements for vacant job positions, manage profiles of companies and search the database from the resumes of job seekers.
c) They are able to manage subscriptions and purchases.

The job seekers are given features such as:
• Facilities for filling in the registration forms online.
• Posting the resumes for free.
• Editing of the resumes online.
• Searching for lists of jobs and applying to the jobs which they are interested in.
• Attaching of or uploading of images with the resume.
• Bookmarking of jobs.
• Checking the characteristics of the employers.

The administrative areas of the job portal are:
a) Management of content.
b) Management of details for the job seeker.
c) Management of details for the employer.
d) Management of categories of jobs.
e) Management of roles of the job.
f) Management of sites.
g) Management of packages offered.
h) Managing frequently asked questions.
i) Statistics regarding employers and job seekers.
j) The super admin also is able to either activate or deactive the employers and job seekers.

The job portal scripts have:
• Online posting of jobs at the portal.
• The editing of jobs online.
• The searching of resumes and job seekers.
• Management of profiles.
• Management of various payment plans.
• Uploading as well as attaching images to the profile.
• Conducting a Boolean search.
• Conducting advanced searches based on different categories.
When the job category options are selected from the list, the seeker usually submits not only a CV but also a cover letter as well and both of these are sent to the employer of the company by mailing them. The job seeker is then sent an acknowledgement of receipt of the mail. The job portals developed services by First India Website Design is allow for customizing of the job portal and individualizing it for the client. We depend on the latest technologies which are used for coding as well as for designing, management of content as well as web analytics. When you use our job portal development services in Delhi NCR, India you can expect catalogue of jobs from each and every industry and there are options where jobs can be searched on the basis of designation, keyword, location and several other factors. We are also provide job alert services as well as the procedure for application of the job. We also help the job seeker with useful tips and we are professional job portals development company in Delhi, India guidance when they need to create resumes. We allow multiple resume uploads and we offer 24x7 support as well as assistance. We also allow for multiple job application facilities to be chosen and configuration of the payment gateways can be done as well. We have responsive job portals development and these can be used on any device, platform and operating system. We offer 360 degree recruitment which includes designing and parsing of the resume to even customer satisfaction. We offer integration with different API and so the company is totally in control at all the times. We offer powerful analytics as well as reporting facilities so you are able to keep track of all the activities performed. We have marketing functionalities as well so recruitment can be promoted and our development is provided with high level of security as well as accuracy. In addition to this at First India Website Design is allow for bulk importing as well as application tracking systems so that the customers can manage the recruitment consultancy business easily. We also have easy parsing of resumes which are uploaded and multiple platforms which can be chosen. So, if you are looking for best job portals development services in Delhi NCR? Then you have reached the right place at First India Website Design. We are top notch best job portals development company in Delhi even job portals development agency in Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and all part of Delhi NCR.

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