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Here at First India Website Design we believe in relationships. Yes! Technology is important but people come way above that. Technology is developed to serve people and mind you, it does not work the other way round. A successful business can only be built with successful relationships. And we strongly believe in that. We totally believe that ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. So we have made such an environment that the word stress does not come anywhere near us. We work, we toil hard, we slave – but we party hard too. Our offices have a totally informal atmosphere so that our brains can create their magic in comfort. We also believe that good mental and physical health go together. In this world with too many people with too many aches and pains and stressful commitments, we do not want our workplace to add to it. We designers know how hazardous it can be sitting long hours in front of our computer screens. So we encourage frequent small sessions with some workouts and simple exercises. Why! Even a session of Zumba dancing or Bollywood dancing is not beyond us. Right from the start we had planned for an office that one would love to come to and not drag themselves to work. We have state of the art technology but also an environment which nurtures its people. Our calendar is full of social events, training activities and opportunities to grow with your family members. We have an office that is open and thus no communication barriers. We seek positivity in everything that we see. We do not have a single employee at our work place. We have a family with each member pitching in for the running of our ship. We do our best for our family and even try and accommodate each individual during their personal trying times. We know the statement – Work hard and play hard is probably old fashioned. But it applies to First India Website Design . We love sweet surprises, delicious food, team activities and have our very own Tech Club. We take our family out for their birthdays, sing them a Birthday song albeit it might be out of tune and get you your cake and help you to eat it too. Barbeques, fun outings and a family get-together is all part of the plan. We are lovers of technology, the mind that fuels it and the ability that shapes it; above all a team that make this possible. If you want to work with a company that is friendly, relaxed and yet gives you an opportunity to explore your potential then First India Website Design is the IT company that you have been looking for. The environment at our IT company is the perfect one as we believe in transparency as well as relaxed environment for our employees. However, we are just not for fun and relaxation. We do like our employees to relax but we also make sure that this relaxation does not dull their skills. We like our employees to keep honing their skills. We like the people who like challenges with enthusiasm and not as a lod on their lives. We like our employees to balance fun and work in their life and this is the reason that we promote all that we can through creating an infrastructure that will help you get the best of work and fun both. We try to promote the consciousness for health among our employees. We know that in most of the offices the employees take sick leaves because they keep working in an exhaustive manner without paying attention to their health. These days, even the younger generation is experiencing grave lifestyle related diseases such as heart problems and diabetes. We take care of all employees and the infrastructure of our office proves the same. We have many extracurricular facilities provided at the office. It is not that we just provide the facility but also encourage our employees to to engage in the extracurricular activities from time to time. Generally, the other factor that is responsible for the deteriorating health of the employees is stress and we make all arrangements to reduce stress at our company we make sure that the employees take frequent breaks which makes them fresh again and lets them have some time in the day for them which reduces the level of stress at office considerably. We do not want our employees to feel like not coming to office or taking sick leave. This on one hand reduces the efficiency of the office while on the other hand it also kills the man power and the skill that one has developed after so much of effort. We understand that humans are more important and we give preference to that. we like that our family members are energetic and enthusiastic about work, coming to office and performing their best each and every day. To achieve all that we want we have designed our office in a way that it helps the overall development of our employees and therefore our business as a whole. We had not developed this thinking recently. We had been taking this approach since the very beginning and this is the reason that from the day one our office got designed to accommodate all our plans. To keep the employees healthy and physically fit we have made sure that there s small gym and trainers who can give you short exercise whenever you want. Also we like to promote brotherhood and interaction among our employees and this is something that we do through social events that are spanned through the year. These events are not just for the employees but their families too are invited to take part in these social activities. This makes it possible for everyone to have good time, interact and feel like we are a family. We like to give good amount of freedom to our employees so that they do not feel pressured at the workplace. We believe in the philosophy of work hard, party harder and that makes it a great place for our employees who do not feel as if they are working. Rather they can complete all the projects in record time. Due to free mind to think and free environment to act the outcome of the work is amazing leaving them amazed at their own work. We like to make office a place where people want to be present each and every day of the year so that they do not miss out on something that is fun and happening in the office. We plan things around our employees and try to celebrate each day. This family likes to strengthen the bond between the family members and for that we keep giving surprises to each other in the form of birthday parties. During these surprises we cut cakes engage in outings such as picnics where we like to do barbeques, family get together and much more so that we can bond and work better in each other’s company. This is not it. We are not just partners in happy times. We also help each other during the testing time in life. We stand by our employees and try to extend as much help as in possible from our side so that our family member is able to come out unscathed from that particular situation. While reading all that you must not assume that we do not pay attention to work. Work is equally important to us and we like to work all the time. We are the website designing and development company that is based in Delhi and are dedicated to the cause of making the Indian companies shine bright in the sky of global business. All the things that we do and provide to our employees is directed towards making our office a place where ides flow uninterrupted and where employees can find a positive environment for creativity. While working we like to have the presence and the opinion of our client because ultimately we have to deliver work to them that is according to their expectations. We like our clients to partner in the completion of the project making the satisfaction level very high. We promote our employees to interact with not only each other but also our employees in order to make our company and therefore the Indian companies one of the top most companies of the world. If you like our concept come join us for a better future.

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