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When you talk of the open source e-commerce solutions, Magento is the name that comes to the fore. This is one of the most famous open source ecommerce solutions that provide the users with many features that prove to be useful for the users. There are many platforms that are used to develop ecommerce websites but the first choice for most for the web developers and the web designing companies that are engaged in web development in the Magento. This one ecommerce solution that has the most desirable following features.
• It is robust.
• It is scalable.
• It is flexible.
Due to these and many other great features Magento has proven to be beneficial for the development of ecommerce websites because it is also SEO friendly. However, there are various reasons because of which you must build your ecommerce site making use of Magento:

One for all Devices
With the use of Magento for website development, you just need to make one application. You can access the same application on the various types of display media devices such as personal computers, mobile phones, tablets etc. this web development tool has the ability to automatically detect the type of device on which the website is being accessed. It shows different versions of the same website depending on the type of device being used. It helps you display on your website a complete catalogue for a desktop or laptop and another smaller version of the catalogue that has been customized for the customers that use mobile devices. It provides the users with easy and multiple payment options too.

Rate is flexible
The rate of the website development will be depending on type of promotional offer floating. Magento’s pricing rule is the flexible. This makes it easy to create different programs efficiently. This helps you get more conversion rate with lesser investment.

Helps in increasing online sales
There many marketing tools that are offered by Magneto. These tools increase the functionality as well as accessibility that help in increasing online sales of the website.

It helps your website grab a better position on search engine
The SEO friendly nature of magento helps the website owner improve the performance of the store by the integration of Google Analytics as well as making use of Website Optimizers.

It helps you manage catalogues
As far as catalogue management is concerned Magento serves as a great tool. It enables the visitor on your website to browse through different products and catalogues easily in the real time. In a way magento is the real answer to all the problems that the ecommerce website owners as well as the users faced all these years. If the users do not wish to they need not register themselves with the website to make a purchase. They can do that even as a guest. This ecommerce development tool is fluent with almost 60 languages, can deal in the various kinds of currencies, can calculate various taxes that are applicable and can provide the users with various payment methods such as debit card, credit card, internet banking and PayPal etc. Magento makes the experience on your ecommerce website a pleasant one because it allows the customers to ship different items to different locations in the same order. Also the customer can view the real time rates for shipping at the different locations. The customer can even add certain items they like to the wish list. This wish list can be shared with others. Along with this they can even open their profiles and edit their information. The customers that have registered with your website can even create invoices, view their orders and can file in for refund. Since the information of their last order remains stored the customers can easily re-order whatever they want. The customers may like to know where their shipment has reached and for that they can track their shipment with the information provided by your website. The most interesting thing about Magento is that it, along with all its positive features is also the SEO friendly. It makes use of the various categories and optimization of the products in a very convenient manner. This web development tool for your ecommerce website allows the users to their own titles and Meta tags both for the category as well as the product. It also offers a great feature and that is of the creating xml sitemaps. It can even carry out redirections without any hassles. However, the last point remains that for creating a unique website you need to choose the right kind of magento website development company in Delhi NCR and, for that you need to take care of following points before hiring them.

They should be creative
There are many ecommerce websites on the internet so for your website to survive it is important that it is unique and for that you need to have developers that are creative and can give rise to new ideas.

They have complete knowledge of magento
You must always look for a magento developer that is thoroughly knowledgeable about the new things happening in this field. For this you may need to check the training certificates of the developer or you could just check their skills by asking them to make you an instant plug in or anything on the website that they may have developed and will showcase their abilities.

The developer should be professional
This is one quality that you must look for in a developer. A professional developer will be available at all hours, will behave properly, will be serious about his work and would demonstrate many other such qualities that prove that he or she will deliver quality work in the time frame that has been agreed upon.

Work experience
You must never take up new and novice developer for the work of developing your magento ecommerce website. This will leave you relaxed as you will know that your website is being dealt with by expert hands. Otherwise, you may just waste your money and time to find a website that does no match at all to your expectations.

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