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On Page & Off page SEO Activities & Techniques

On Page SEO & Off page SEO Activities & Techniques

On page Optimization also known as On Page SEO
On-page optimization is a crucial technique in SEO that helps the website to attain higher ranking in the search engine results page and make it stand strong despite of fierce competition. However, both on-page and off-page makes a successful SEO process. Perhaps, the off-site SEO is used to secure backlinks of the website. Both these processes are equally important to improve the ranking of a website. At, First India Website Design provide both these services for the businesses who are yearning to boost their brand visibility in the digital world. We are offering On-page optimization services for a long time to the global customers and helped them in accomplishing their SEO goals successfully. Our SEO experts stay on par with the Google algorithms changes to maintain good ranking of our clientele websites on search engine results pages. With this service, we are also helping our clientele to get their websites indexed by the renowned search engines, gain huge traffic, improve conversions, boost business branding, and improve website usability. In the optimization process, the changes are made to the code and technical aspect are improved to make a website appealing to both the visitors and search engines. On page optimization is implemented by our SEO experts by keeping users and search engine in mind.

Title tags:
This has a HTML code with certain text displayed on the title bar. These are responsible for improving the search engine ranking.

HTML code optimization:
To optimize the source code one has to follow World Wide Web standard of being compliant with the HTML code. This lets the keywords to be placed at the right places in the source code page.

Page title optimization:
In this, the keywords specific to a particular page should appear on the title with maximum 60 characters. Also, we make sure to maintain the title of each page unique.

Meta tag optimization:
Though, the Meta tag is not used by the search engines very often, but Google tries to use these description tags when the search keywords appear on it. Our SEO experts will add Meta tags that have keywords embedded in the content.

Optimize content with the keyword search:
Our SEO professional will thoroughly search for the keywords that are mostly searched by the audience while searching for the services similar to yours. We collect the keywords often searched by them and craft content by embedding these keywords. We make sure that these keywords are repeated a sufficient number of times in the content.

URL structure:
The keywords that appear on the URL also add great value in boosting the traffic of a site. Basically, the audience finding the relevant keywords for what they are searching in the URL will click on the link and land on your website. Our SEO professionals will provide proper URL structure by placing the keywords at the right place and separating them by”-“. Also, they try not to repeat the keywords in the file name.

Image optimization:
We insert the right images in the content and put ALT tags and keywords as the title of the image.

Link optimization:
It is crucial to provide appropriate links for the keywords that are in the anchor text. This helps the site visitors to navigate through the web pages with ease.

Heading tag optimization:
We optimize h1, h2, and h3 tags to allow the site visitors to find out what they are exactly looking for.

Sitemap creation and submission:
We create and submit sitemaps to the renowned search engines to attain the desired SEO results. This is a wonderful tactic embraced by our experts to boost ranking. The best thing about a sitemap is that, it shows the entire map of your website along with links. This lets the visitors to plunge onto the page that they are looking for with ease.

Optimize Robots.txt:
This is the file that guides the search engine on which pages to crawl. By including this text file, we clearly state the web pages having superior quality content. Consequently, helping the search engines to crawl only those web pages to boost the ranking.

Google Analytics and web master tool:
We use Google analytics for every website to track the number of page views, website traffic, bounce rates, devices used to visit the website, etc. This information helps us to optimize the pages that have high bounce rates. We use webmaster to maintain the website smoothly.

• Off-page Optimization
By implementing the on-page optimization techniques, the businesses can improve their website and web page visibility, but this alone with not help you attain the SEO goals. Off-page optimization equally plays a crucial role in improving the ranking and traffic of a website. We at First India Website Design has ample experience in implementing off-page SEO success to boost site’s visibility. Our SEO experts stay on par with the penguin updates and use those updates to improve the brand visibility in the digital world. Also, we abide to the Google guidelines in implementing these techniques. We provide link building services including one-way linking, multi-way linking and reciprocal linking. We create backlinks with a natural link building process to improve the site’s image.

Search Engine Submission: –
To improve your website’s traffic, the website is submitted to renowned search engines for better ranking.

Directory Submission:
We submit your website from manual to high quality directories in the appropriate categories. This improves keyword ranking and displays your website on many high quality backlinks.

Blog Submission:
This is a powerful SEO tactic embraced by us to boost your business popularity in online. Our prolific writers will write informative blogs embedded with right keywords and our SEO experts will submit the blog posts in the reputed directories and blog submission websites.

Article Submission:
Our creative content writers will write content related to your business and post them on article submission websites. Our SEO experts will focus on maintaining the keyword density and link density.

Social Bookmarking:
Using an effective SEO tool will let your website gain quality backlinks, improve visibility in major search engines and eventually increase the website traffic. We share your website links on renowned social bookmarking sites.

Classifieds Submission:
These ads are the quickest way to promote about your products and services, as many people search in classified for the services they need.

RSS Submission:
We submit your website in RSS directories and engines in RSS format. This index your website and help you get many backlinks for your website.

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