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When it is about serious business no one can deny that publicity cannot be ignored by the business owners and the soul of this publicity and all the commercial activities is the advertising. For the online businesses that are mostly low budget the press release is one thing that can help advertise the business in the right manner significantly to the people to whom it matters the most.

What is Press Release Submissions?
Press release submissions, as the name suggests, is actually a statement that written by the company to be distributed to the media. The main purpose of whatever you are doing for your website is to make it more famous and popular. The media release has one intention and that is to give media the information that is all inclusive-useful, newsworthy and interesting. The purpose that is solved for you when you make press release distribution is the media coverage. This media coverage is sure to turn in the relevant traffic towards your website and create more and more networking connections vital for your business.
There are two types of press release that are prevalent today:
• Free press release.
• Paid press release.
There is hardly any difference between the two types of press release. If your media release is able to fulfill the intention of getting you a greater traffic both the types are good enough to be used.

The paid press release submissions:
As is the case with most of the paid services it turns out to provide you with a very large coverage. They guaranteed you a better search engine exposure. The cost of paid media releases is higher and may be somewhere between 200 and 300 dollars. This is definitely a lot of money but the outcome that you can expect is even more exciting. But this is only possible if you are able to structure the release the way it should be done. The best thing about paid release is that you just have to submit your release once and its distribution is taken care of by the media everywhere.

The free press release submissions:
The free press release submissions definitely cost you nothing. But, that has its own consequences. The coverage with the free version is not the same as paid ones and that leads to lesser benefits. However, there is a way to compensate for that and that is by submitting the release to more than one site. The free version should be released on not less than 5 to 6 sites and the SEO features must be kept in the mind before you actually submit the release; the SEO keywords and their density must be optimal to get you the best results with the search engine.
The criteria to choose between paid and non-paid version:
• If your advertising budget is sufficient you must go for the paid version without fail.
• If you are short on budget choose the free version and you will soon have the budget.
• Whatever way you want to do it, you must get it done anyhow; there so many journalists that want a story.
Now that you have already decided whether or not you want to opt for the paid press release you must now work on the content of your press release. The content of the press release should not feel like an advertisement. The press release is news and it must sound like one. But you as the website owner actually want the advertisement of your products and services through this press release. So, the thing that you must keep in the mind is that the press release must be structured in such a way that it feels like news with all the important aspects of your website and its products and services included in it. After proper structuring of the press release you must decide as to which site you must submit your press release. It is always a better idea to submit the press release to more than one site. You never know which version of your press release gets picked up by the search engine giving you the much required publicity. The submission service that you must make it easy for the users to share the stories on various social networking sites. You must include the important keyword in your headline because secondary distribution of RSS feeds totally computer dependent. There are several types of press release services provider company in Delhi NCR available on the net. Some are good while others are not so good. There are still others that are utter frauds. You must find the right one for your press release so that you climb the popularity chart quickly and effectively.

How to find the best online press release submission services Company in Delhi, India:-
• You must have complete knowledge about the important aspects of the press release. You must know how the PR submission service works. This will help you get it right the first time.
• Before you even start writing the press release you must start searching for the right kind of press release site. This is a time taking process because there are so many of them and you need to figure out which ones are the best for your website.
• When you are actually looking for the online press release submissions company you must take your time to make the choice because not all the companies are the same. They have different abilities and different capacity to provide different services to the people. You must spend a lot of time in researching the background and the work ethics of the company before you actually hire them. It is always better to spend sometime in the beginning than to spend hours together correcting the mistakes that you made in the beginning.
• It is always advisable to create a harmonious environment of working between you and the online press company. For this you must discuss all the aspects related to the deal. It is better for both of you to meet the half way. But your work does not end here as you will also need to monitor the work of the company that you have hired.

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