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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy ( Terms of Disclaimers, Refund Policy, Cancellation )

Personal Information
This privacy policy summarizes the obligations which First India Website Design has towards the personal information of their potential clients, clients, contractors or any others.

Why does First India Website Design collect any personal information?
First India Website Design collects personal information so as to be able to provide or market services, conduct business and also so we can meet legal obligations.

Whose personal information is collected by First India Website Design ?
First India Website Design might collect as well as hold information which includes prospective employees, current employees, contractors, clients, potential clients as well as their employees, business associates and suppliers.

How does First India Website Design use or disclose personal information?
First India Website Design uses or discloses your personal information only for the prime reason for which it was collected or for other related secondary reasons as is authorized. First India Website Design will not send any personal information overseas without your consent. First India Website Design takes steps so that your personal information is protected from loss or misuse.

Please make sure that you understand and agree with our refund policies before making any payment:-
We at First India Website Design runs as a business and we expect that our clients respect and understand our policies. As a website designing, development and SEO company in Delhi it is our goal that we give the highest value for every rupee spent by our client. For us to be able to do that we need our expenses covered and our operations fueled. For that we need our payments to be done on time.

Web Design:-
Before you hire us for your project, we present to you our portfolio, so that you can have a view of our quality and will be comfortable with us. However, if you still have any queries, please do contact us before any payment. For custom projects, payments are to be done in increments. Once a deposit or payment is done it is non-refundable. If any project is postponed or canceled by the client, any payment done is retained by First India Website Design . If applicable, a fee for any work done beyond the payment will be paid by the client. First India Website Design will retain the material copyright until payment of the final invoice is done. Only at this time, does it become the client’s property.

Website Maintenance:-
The client is responsible for presenting text and images that need to be added. Unused hours will not be rolled over to following months. No refunds will be given. Any fee that is related to the maintenance of the website is totally non-refundable. An administrative fee will be charged in case of any late payments. First India Website Design is entitled to terminate the agreement at any point of time with written notice.

First India Website Design is not responsible for any on-going client site promotion. If the client needs that the website is promoted on an ongoing condition, a contract to that regard must be drawn. Also the client will be required to make changes to text or images on a regular basis so as to help with the search engine placement. First India Website Design cannot make any guarantees as to the success of any submission as this is entirely dependent on the search engines. The client should agree and acknowledge that First India Website Design does not have any control over the policies of search engines in regards to the type of sites or content that they might accept in the future or now. Some search engines might take two to four months or more planning to list or update the client’s website. It is also possible that directories or search engines might drop listings for no apparent reason.

Client shall indemnify First India Website Design from any or all claims, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses incurred by First India Website Design in case of any judgment, claim against First India Website Design relating to any illustrations, graphics, text, data, photos or any other information or content given by the client to First India Website Design .

All parties agree to hold Proprietary or any Confidential Information in total confidence. This is inclusive of written or oral contracts, know-how, trade secrets, business policies, business methods, memoranda, records, reports or financial information.

Internet Disclaimer:-
The web sites designed by First India Website Design are done at the direction of, as well as based on the info and data provided by the client. The sole responsibility of that information lies with the client.

First India Website Design will not be liable for:
• Any damage of any kind which might result from the use or access of the information on the site that has been designed by us.
• Any omission or error of content on the website.
• Any virus that might infect the visitor’s equipment, data, software or any other property which might result from browsing the website.
• Any damage which might result from the downloading of data, material, images, text, audio or video from the website.

Every client reserves the right to alter the site content at any time, any way or for any reason without carrying any liability for such changes. If First India Website Design works towards any changes to the website upon the directive of the client; then also there is an understanding of no liability towards such changes. First India Website Design reserves the right to revise its terms and conditions or charges at any time. The following is a list of behaviors or content that is not acceptable by First India Website Design .
• Any content that contains or has a link to obscenity, foul language or adult content.
• Any content that promotes or contains links to hacking, cracking, viruses or any other piracy issues.
• Any content that might commit against trademark, copyright, patents etc.
• Any content that is racist or offensive to any community or religion.
• Content that might exploit any images of children under 18.
• Content that might have links to gambling, lotteries etc.
• Content that sells or offers controlled substances or illegal goods.

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