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Wordpress is not a new thing in fact it has been around for more than a decade now. There is used to be a time initially when the Wordpress was just a medium through which the bloggers could express themselves by posting their blogs. But today the scene has changed entirely. Today some of the busiest websites that are non-blogging in the nature are being hosted by WordPress. There are several reasons as to why WordPress enjoys this immense fan following. There are some great features that extend amazing benefits that are available only on WordPress. If you own a business and want to have such a website that would occupy some top positions in the search engine, then conversion from PSD to WordPress is the thing for you. Here are the best reasons to convince you that you should convert PSD to WordPress.

You can manage Your Website at any point of time and anywhere:
if your website is on WordPress it makes it easy for you to access your website from any place. The fact that this host is browser based makes it easy for you to use your website from any computer if it has internet connection irrespective of what the IP is.

Get Enhanced Usability:
The conversion of PSD to WordPress, makes your website more usable because of the fact that WordPress is extremely simple to use. The effort of development is highly reduced due to its enhanced usability. You can add pages, images, videos, hyperlinks etc. in a matter of few clicks and simple.

Make Search Engines Fall in Love with Your Website:
WordPress is the host of modern times and the developer of this host are aware of the importance of search engine optimization and this is why there are included all the search engine optimization features in this host are very precisely. The coding done at the back-end of the website is kept clean and simple to allow the easy indexing of the website content on the search engines. The best part is that you can easily assign specific Meta tag for the each page. You can use Meta keywords, description as well as title for each of the pages. This makes the process of search engine optimization a more targeted one. The search engines love the websites that have everything in order.

Say hi to Hassle free process:
If you are fed up of the hassles of FTP and HTML, you must make sure to use PSD to WordPress conversions services. These are complete system in them and do not require additional software based on FTP and HTML.

Be your own Boss:
With other types of websites if there is any change required you will have to call for the designers and developers to bring about that change. But WordPress is different because it actually makes you the sole boss of your own website. This has become possible due to an interface of WordPress that is easy and intuitive. Now you can have complete control over all the features of the website that you own and this makes you capable of make all the changes on your own.

You get additional benefit of Built-in Blog:
When you convert PSD to WordPress, you generally receive many additional benefits. One of the benefits extended to you is the built-in blog of WordPress. This helps in easily integrating blogs in your website. Apart from this you also get the benefit of enabling various other features such as:
• RSS feeds.
• Email subscriptions.
• Commenting capabilities.
• Add posts from the blog to your website automatically.

Your Website Grows with Your Business:
Scalability is a prime feature that PSD to WordPress sites offer. You can keep adding pages and content to your website, but the functionality of the website will remain intact. This means as your business achieves new milestones; your website can grow too!
Choose the WordPress platform for your business website if you like to witness a whole new world full of opportunities. This platform provides so many benefits for you that switching your website from PSD to WordPress is definitely an intelligent option. You must ask for help of a professional web design company in delhi ncr order to change your website from PSD to WordPress. While choosing a developer for working for the conversion you must make sure that they follow the following steps while making the conversion:

Break the PSD Files into small Slices:
The first and most important step in this conversion is Slicing. The developer who is given the task of conversion should first of all slice the given PSD files into various layers such as:
• Banner.
• Logo.
• Body.
• Links.
The process is of the crucial importance as it actually makes the process of the coding easy. The reason behind this is that each layer needs coding that is selective and exclusive in nature.

Converting PSD to HTML and CSS:
After the completion of the slicing process, you must make the PSD file compatible with the web. This can be done using the formats that use clean coding such as HTML and CSS. Use of semantic clean coding helps to attract the crawlers that give you a higher search engine ranking. CSS, on the other hand, helps in improving the designing aspect of a website and that would include:
 layout.
 theme.
 fonts.
 color scheme.

W3C Validation:
But your work does not end here as you have to make sure that your website follows all the rules and regulations by getting W3C validation. This step will prove to your potential clients that you and your website is reliable.

Integrating the Files:
Now all that you need to do as the last step of the process is the integration of the files. You need to integrate the files into content management system. After this any change can be made directly without even touching back-end code. This makes PSD to WordPress conversion a worth it process.

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