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Real Estate Portal Development Company in Delhi, India

First India Website Design is the trusted real estate portal development solution architects for your business model. We have the best real estate portal development services providing and also offering real estate portal development solutions which are time tested as well as cost effective and work efficient. We showcase properties which are sellable and those lands that are leasable. This we do in the most attractive manner way and by automating of the businesses as well as managing the workflow and the data. When we create real estate portals developments, we create real estate portal development that are cutting edge and our main focus is customer delight. We empower our clients so they meet with greater success in the industry. We offer the best real estate portal development solutions to our clients in the real estate vertical. We also offer the best real estate portal development services in Delhi NCR from the First Inia Website Design is all facets and aspects of the business. Web based real estate portal development applications are used to connect with clients and this is what successful real estate firms are doing. This is what sets them apart with their competitors. Using a real estate portal development services in Delhi NCR you are able to bring about the perfect branding, differentiation and efficiency to your business. The size as well as the scale of transactions is large in the property business and therefore, we create for you the most reliable of all real estate portal development and not limiting ourselves to web designs and development, we offer real estate portal development app solutions as well which maintain the information security on the cloud and therefore data fudging, corporate frauds as well as manipulation is impossible. Also, stakeholders have access to functions, features and data at their fingertips. We also help you to manage your campaigns with regards marketing and we work with your communications mix. We handle everything starting from lead generation, prospect management as well as social media marketing management.

The reasons why you need a real estate portal are :
• This allows for advanced property searches.
• There is the ability to manage various users.
• There is customized reporting.
• The portal allows for search functionalities.
• There is an effective admin panel to it.
• This has features to add, edit as well as delete.
• Management of ad banners is possible.
• It allows for document management.
• It has a loan calculator for the ease and convenience of the customers.
• It allows for better user management.
• Billing management is possible.
• It allows management of members.
• Registration of membership can be undertaken.
• Language management is possible.
• It allows for listing of properties and sites.
• It allows for creation and management of agency profiles.
The leading and top notch real estate portal development company in Delhi allow the customer to register on the site, add his or her property for rent or for sale as well as find properties based on his or her requirement for either rent or purchase. They can also pay using payment gateways for their payable services. These have an admin panel which is fully functional and which helps in the managing of all properties along with artificial intelligence. One can also get reports regarding the properties applying various filters. Also, when the customer submits his or her requirements for property, the system sends him or her various listings which match the criteria on both mail as well as SMS. The portal owner also works as a mediator between the sellers and the buyers.

The features of our website and the customer panel offered are :
• It is fully dynamic and it allows listing of properties using maximum filters.
• New property listings are possible.
• It has a customer panel which has all the functional features.
• It has “my property” which is customizable for the customers.
• It manages the “my property” as well as various requests for property.
• You can update the profile on it.
• It has featured listings of properties.
• It is used to manage subscriptions.
• It supports transactions and it supports various payment gateways.
• There is a Wishlist which can be created by the customers.
• You can get expert advice and support as well.
• It offers features of the message system from Admin to customer.
• It has a mobile app.
• There is SMS as well as Email subscription which is possible.

The admin panel offers the following features:
• It is secure.
• You can add properties to it.
• Property listings can be updated.
• You can add property brochures.
• The dynamic property features are supported.
• The property of the client can be approved.
• You can add, update, delete or deactivate customers as part of customer management.
• It has location management of the area, city and state.
• There is builder management where builders are considered one type of users.
• The property rates up and down area wise are dynamic and can be managed by the admin.
• It allows for management of the listing of real estate projects.
• It allows for area price graphs based on the customer visits or on requirements.
• It offers features like Google Map API integration for ease and convenience purposes.
• Customer testimonials can be fed in.
• Bulk SMS can be sent.
• Bulk Emails can be sent.
• Advertisement management is possible as well.
Using our real estate portal development services in Delhi NCR from the First India Website Design is there are various validation features that you can use so that the image, category and content can be checked. The categories of listings are as per residential accommodations, industrial, hotel, commercial properties and more. There are customizable portals for real estate agencies and modules can be also integrated and added based on our customer’s needs for example vaastu consulting or assisting with stamp duty or even property insurance, legal forms and valuation of properties. The client sometimes ask us to add modules such as finding of a broker or property manager or even architects or vastu gurus. There are property ratings and appointment bookings as well as tracking of properties in addition to channel advertising and property galleries available. These are some of the features that real estate portal development company in Delhi NCR offer. Come visit us or call us to discuss your real estate portal development services needs.

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