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How to do SEO for website step by step SEO Tools and Techniques

Advanced Search Engine Optimization SEO Tools and Techniques for Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is a weapon that helps the website to rank better on Search Engine Results Page. As much care as you take in finding a right SEO Company for your website, the same care has to be taken by the SEO firm in using the perfect SEO tools that give positive outcomes. The data provided by an SEO tool is important for an SEO expert while creating an SEO strategy and implement the same until the SEO goal is attained. We thoroughly understand that using the right SEO tools results in the success of SEO strategies. Every client has different needs. Our SEO experts will use their pool of experience and knowledge in using the tool that suits their needs. However, here are a few tools that are used by us for all of our clients to successfully implement the SEO program.

First India Website Design Implement the SEO Tools:
Google Keyword Planner tool:
This tool is used by us to search for the keywords that are appropriate for your businesses. Keyword research is a crucial phase in the SEO process. The selected keywords are embedded in the content at the right places to attain the success of an SEO campaign. However, we have used various keyword planner tools, but found this to be reliable. And, this is giving most accurate data over other tools. This tool provides us with the detailed information about the keyword information for a particular business and number of people searching with that keyword. We use this information to determine which keyword has to be targeted and inserted on each web page to boost the search engine ranking. Embedding the right keywords in the content will pull up your website and boost your site visibility.

Though this is a paid SEO tool, but we use this to provide superior quality SEO services to our clients. This is the most privileged tool that is used by the SEO experts as it is a replica of how Google view the website and ranks it. We at First India Website Design uses this tool for umpteen SEO purposes. Primarily, we use this tool to carry out a profound SEO audit of clientele websites. This tool is used to find 404 errors on the website, check the redundant content, and detect Meta description glitches besides making sure that 301 redirects are in their respective places. The best thing is that, this tool provides the inbound links of the competitors. Our prowess SEO people will analyze the link, amass the data, and use this data to improve the client’s link building strategy. We also use this tool to amplify the SEO ranking of the websites.

Google Webmaster Tools:
We use this tool along with the other SEO tools to perceive how the websites are actually viewed by renowned search engines. This tool is used to check whether or not the website is verified by Google, check the crawl rate of the website, and find out the penalties being imposed on the website for using black hat SEO techniques.

Google Analytics:
We insert Google Analytics on the website proficiently. We understand the importance of how Google analytics results will help to optimize the website. This tool gives the number of page views, keywords used by the audience to land on your website, top performing web pages, etc. The main aim of our SEO experts is to boost traffic and sales of your business. The Google Analytics tool is used to find out the strong web pages that are compelling the audience to take a desired action in order to focus on them.

First India Website Design Implement the SEO Techniques:
Keyword Research and Analysis:
Our ensemble of SEO team will use keyword research tools and other tools to find the appropriate keywords that can better rank your website on top pages of search engine results. Our extensive research will help which keywords are often used by the audience to search for the products or services similar to the ones offered by you. We use those keywords in the web pages to improve ranking. We research for the primary keywords, secondary keywords and competitive keywords.

Link Development:
We check the number of links that a website is having and how many of those are of high quality links. The more links, the better would be the ranking, but quality and relevance are also important. Having links from a popular website would be worth than having too many links from fake or shoddy sites. We are very careful while using certain links that are considered to be of poor quality by Google. Examples of them include sponsored ads, blog comments, forum posted links, etc. To improve quality links, we write guest articles and post them on popular blogs and publications. Undeniably, each website requires a unique way to build quality links. If you want quality links, then do contact us at First India Website Design .

Local Search Submission & Optimization:
Local search results have become a part of Google Algorithm. For instance, when you search for the local businesses by including the city name, then you would get a lineup of businesses displayed along with their contact details. If you are conducting your business operations locally, you need to optimize the local search. We will optimize your website for local search and submit to Google and local directories.

Social Media Marketing:
Social media has become a crucial part of SEO. Search engines are displaying the social media results on the first page of twitter and blogs. Indeed, search engines are evaluating the content on social media to rank algorithms. We take an extra mile by helping clients in implementing social media techniques to rank better. We also create social media profile pages for the businesses, update them regularly, design blogs and provide social bookmarking services.

Meta Tag Analysis:
Our SEO experts will thoroughly analyze and optimize the Meta tags for your websites by just including the Meta tags, title tags and keywords that are appropriate for your business.

Content Management System:
Content is the heart and soul of a website. The content speaks about your business to the audience. Our SEO professionals will include the right keywords in the content to pull up the website when a person searches for your products. We publish, modify, and edit the content on a regular basis on your behalf.

Submit Articles and Press Releases:
To improve the backlinks, our experts publish articles, press releases, and other posts on the article directories. This helps to increase the search engine ranking in a short time span.

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