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Terms Of Use

First India Website Design Company Terms Of Use

First India Website Design has the following terms of use -
In order to apply for a quote, it is not necessary for the client to sign an acceptance of these terms of use. When the client accepts the quote, it is deemed that he or she is satisfied with the terms and have accepted the terms of use in full. Any purchase or usage of the services we provide implies that these terms have not only been read but also accepted by you.

Charges of the services provided by First India Website Design are defined in the quotation which is provided to the client by email. The quotation is valid for 30 days. First India Website Design has the right to alter or even decline to provide a quotation post the lapsing of the 30 days. Unless it has been specifically agreed with the client, the website design services require payment of 33% in advance of the quoted total project price. This amount needs to reach First India Website Design before the work is sent for review to the client. The next 33% is to be provided after development of the project and the final 33% is to be provided upon completion of the work but before it is uploaded on the server or the materials have been released. Payment for services can be done by bank transfer or by cheque. Cheques should be payable to First India Website Design and sent to our registered head office. The bank details are mentioned on our invoices as also the address of our registered office.

Client Review:-
First India Website Design provides the client with an opportunity where he or she can review the content as well as the appearance of the website. This will be done at the design phase and again post the completion of the overall website development. When the project has been completed, the material will be considered as being accepted and approved unless the client informs First India Website Design of any edits, changes, deletions or additions. This needs to be done within 10 days from the date the material has been made available for review to the client.

Turnaround time and control of content:-
First India Website Design will install as well as publicly post or will supply the website of the client by the date which has been specified in the project proposal or the date that has been mutually discussed and agreed upon at the time of receipt of the initial payment. In return what is expected from the client is that a single individual should be provided as a primary contact and they need to aid First India Website Design with progression of the project in an expedient and satisfactory manner. The client is also required to provide text, images, content, sound files as well as movies needed.

Failure to provide content:-
All the information needed is to be provided in advance. In case the required information is not provided in the timeframe that has been agreed and First India Website Design finds the work being delayed as a result, First India Website Design has the right and will impose a surcharge maximum of 25%. If the information is not provided within a week of the commencement of the project, First India Website Design has the right to terminate the project and the balance amount will need to be paid immediately. The text needs to be delivered either in email or a word document and should have the titles what the website page needs to have.

Payment Terms:-
The invoices will be sent on completion by First India Website Design and these invoices are sent through email. However, if the client so desires, a hard copy can be sent. The invoices are due to be paid upon receipt of them. The unpaid accounts which exceed 30 days will be charged a service charge which is 1.5% higher than the total amount which is due by the client.

Additional Expense:-
The client will reimburse First India Website Design for additional expenses which are necessary for the work to be completed. This includes purchasing of stock photography or even special fonts.

Web Browsers:-
First India Website Design ensures that website designs can be seen by a majority of viewers. They work with the popular browsers but First India Website Design cannot guarantee that it will function correctly with all the browser software across different operating platforms and systems. First India Website Design also does not accept responsibility for web pages which will not display acceptably in the newer versions of the browsers which are released post the design and handing over of the website to the client. In such cases First India Website Design has the right to quote for work which will be involved in either changing the design of the website or the code for it to work well with the new browsers.

Any accounts which are not paid in 30 days will be considered as default. If the client who is defaulting; if he or she maintains files or information on the First India Website Design web space, First India Website Design reserves the right to remove the material from the web space and will not be responsible for data loss as a result of the removal of this service. This however in no way relieves the client of payment of outstanding charges. The cheques which have been returned in cases of insufficient funds will be charged an additional fee as return charges and the client’s account will be considered defaulting till the complete payment has been received. First India Website Design also will recover reasonable expenses which include legal fees and collection costs by third party agencies for enforcing these terms and conditions.

The termination of services from the client must be requested for in writing and will be effective from the receipt of the notice. Email or even telephonic requests for the termination will not be honored unless there is a written confirmation. The client will be invoiced till the completion of the work on the date the notice was received.

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