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Travel Portal Development Company in Delhi NCR, India

Travel portals are important as they allow the TMCs and the travel agencies to interact with their customers. At First India Website Design is offer travel portal development solutions which empower companies so that fully loaded online booking websites are available for travel bookings and that the site performs above and beyond the expectations of the customers. We offer complete travel portal development solutions which power the travel agency, hotel, package sites and more. The reason why this is needed usually is due to the fact that more people are opting for booking and shopping on the net and so with our travel portal development services in Delhi NCR from the First India Website Design you are able to offer the entire range of travel products. Using this online implementation is quick and easy. We offer a wide range of travel portal development solutions for travel agencies and we offer the most cost effective and affordable travel portal development packages as well. At First India Website Design is have a flight booking system which helps our clients to beat their competition and our car rental system is meant for a range of customers starting from small travel agents to even large travel enterprises. Our clients have a number of the benefits from the travel portal development services. The rate types as well as payment methods can be combined as also the supplier types. We address the needs of corporate travel management as well as OTAs and even Tour operators portal development. We have a single point of access and we do it through B2C and B2B interfaces. Our clients can be ensured that they get the best rates at travel portal development services. We maintain several connections to worldwide travel suppliers and using our travel portal development services your customers can be offered a huge range of unique travel portal development as well as car coverage at most airports worldwide.

The unique features which we offer travel portal development include :
• Efficient as well as quick online bookings, availability checks, the customers are offered multi channel solutions as well as superior services for travel.
• We offer multiple pricing structures for nationalities.
• Various last minute tours and packages.
• Villas, apartments, condominiums in addition to hotels.
• Rental cars.
• Bus.
• Flights.
• Cruises.
• Ferries.
• Hotels.
• Travel Insurance.
• Tickets for events.
• Activities, entertainment and travel experience.
• Rail tours and details.
• Mobile or DTH recharge.

The travel portal development features offer that are :
• Hotel bookings where the portal searches from the hotels which are in the CRS as well as in the API of the hotel and the lowest tariffs are found. When a hotel is chosen the customer is redirected to the payment gateway where processing of payments will be possible.
• Ticket booking of international and domestic flights are possible as this is linked to the GDS through the API so the online inventory is fetched on the air tickets from the backend and then it is published on the front end in the format of GUI. When one of these are selected, the customer is directed to payments gateway.
• Car bookings are done by searching on the CRS of the portal and the API and the best options are listed. When selected the user is sent to the payment gateway.
• Holiday packages are either driven by the CMS or designed by the requirement of the customer.
• Bus bookings too are done by searching the CRS and the API.
• Forex gives the rates of currencies of the price of purchase and sale. Payment can be made using a credit card.
• Payment gateways are integrated such that multiple cards and multiple payment options are used.
• SMS gateways are incorporated as SMS APIs are incorporated and SMSes are sent to the customer when the booking is confirmed or the PNR is created.
There is possibility of creation of deposit or agent accounts. For agents, a login facility is given and they can add funds to the account and they can inform of the cut off limit. When the agents log into the portal, they can book tickets, find deals, all using their deposit account. When the cut off limit is reached, they will not be able to book rooms or tickets but they will be able to do it using a credit card. The agent gets options where they can create sub users, they can check the various reports, the status of booking, cancel the booking, get invoices and vouchers as well as generate commissions. In addition to this we offer features such as various payment gateways, SMS gateway, development of travel portals, feedback system and customer reviews, emailing and printing of confirmation vouchers, requests for new business, travel guides, forex, social media integration, online travel portals, travel guides, exploring by maps, news letter subscription, hot deals, affiliate programs, chat features and more. It allows for online check in as well as dialing codes, the time zone, weather, time calculator, distance calculator, currency converter, maps, visa requirements for travel, travel guides and flight status. This involves packaging dynamically of different travel products and that too in real time. The packages could be Air + Car or Air + Hotel or Hotel + Car or Air + Car + Hotel. There can also be more complex activities included such as adding of various entertainment components. This helps the customers to get the perfect vacation built up. The customers can mix and match whatever they want and bundle it up into a low price and get it inclusive of the taxes as well as the fees. By using this the customers can get what they want exactly. We have different modules which help B2B, B2B2B, B2C and B2B2C, Franchise modules, modules for distributors, B2E to build booking engines which are robust. We have used our technologies so that the performance is improvised and there is more speed as well as there is a good return on the investment due to 100% uptime. For these reasons and more it makes perfect sense to partner with us to create your online travel portal.

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