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Web Designing & Web Marketing Case Studies By FIWDC

Every website we design for and every company we deal with is different and not only is that the only difference but they need to be handled in completely different ways and the marketing and website designing needs to be geared in totally unique directions. Some case studies of our clients (due to privacy constraints, the names of these companies cannot be shared).

About the Company
There is an artisan yarn company which specializes in hand dyed yarns as well as with fibers which are exquisitely made. These are in stunning colors and their uniqueness lies in offering of workshops, seminars as well as guides to crafting using yarn as well as in knitting.

Objective - The objective given to us was :-
• The brand equity was needed to increase.
• The online reach of customers was to increase.
• There was to be focus on content additions as well as engagement by the users.
• The website was to create a searchable, browseable and highly user friendly product catalog which allowed for social sharing.
• The product catalog was to allow for clear conversion points so that quotes could be readily available.
• The content which was available could be expanded as well as the products which were there on the website. This included projects, patterns and even lesson courses. The objective behind this was to increase the community as well as the recognition of the brand.
• The current blogs could be reorganized as well as expanded so that search could be enhanced as well as the content brose-ability could increase too.
• Social engagement could grow and referral traffic could thus then be nurtured.
• User stories could be implemented as well as hashtag streams could be incorporated and thus both credibility and trust could increase so as to increase the conversion.
• The website also needed to provide a responsive solution which could be backed by Wordpress and CMS as well, so cart functionality could be incorporated.

• The requirements which the user gave us, was that the company needed the following deliverables to show positive trends. • The positioning of the brand.
• The analytics as well as Search Engine Optimization.
• The company and the website needed to be available to users across platforms and across devices. Hence, mobile accessibility was of • utmost importance.
• E-commerce had to increase.
In addition to it, the following also were mandates given to us:
• Custom WordPress was to be supported.
• The design of the website was to be professional, elegant, simple and yet sophisticated. It needed to be easy to use, navigate and understand. It had to be dynamic and offer different kinds of sorting criteria. It needed to be a website which visitors would remember and come back to time and again.
• The content strategy was to be so strong and robust that it would bring more visitors, potential customers and customers to the site. It also needed to provide the visitors with education and research material regarding the various aspects of yarn, fibers, colors and textures. There was to be a separate section for various knitting guides and patterns as well as crochet work, tatting, cross stitch designs, various patterns for both machine and hand embroidery too.
• The website was to support UX as well as prototyping.
• At the end of the project, the gross revenue increased by 24% annually. The order value saw an increase of 214% and the email conversions annually increased by 878%.

The Phase wise approach was -
Phase I
This brand when they approached us, they had a great foundation on which we were able to build the super structure. They only needed help in how to position and leverage on the mountain of gold they were figuratively sitting on. The website which was already there could do with a lot of improvements as well as tweaks, as the current design which was there was not efficient and a lot of manpower was wasted in managing it rather than in managing the business. The client gave us a visual experience of the company and so we were able to partner with them to come up with a better experience for the viewer in both explorations of the products as well as in presenting them. The content we created had centralized content and we made it intuitive to navigate as well as a more pleasurable experience for the user. The client was very focused that the friends, visitors and clients should easily be able to see and find what was being searched for based on their interest.
Phase II
Based on the inputs by the client in Phase I we came out with Phase II where style concepts were put into reality. The brand was strong and there were a number of points which needed to be highlighted. We also aimed at making this site invigorating as well as a fun site. We also introduced a chat option so that any questions, queries, advice, suggestions or complaints could be given an immediate hearing. This we felt would make a more enhanced customer experience. We also wanted the customer to self serve as much as possible and so the intuitiveness of the site was increased as also the interconnectivity of the site where visitors could find fibers, yarns and more. They knew the weight, the colors, the materials and whatever other information they desired. There were also workshops and tutorials which were based on the yarn and links which gave details of the materials required for each tutorial or workshop. The typography used was bold and fluid as well as we ensured usage of a vibrant color palette. All this added focus to the colorful and bright colored yarns and fibers. We ensured that even if people had never held knitting needles or a crochet needle before, they could start right here at First India Website Design on the site. The ecommerce which was fully integrated allowed the viewers to see curate selections as well as photos and details of workshops.

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