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First India Website Design is award winning top notch web design company in Gurugram as well as the best website designing agency in Gurgaon, India provides web design, web development, ecommerce solutions, digital marketing and SEO services. We thoroughly understand that building a website directly means that reinforcing the warp and woof of a business. If you are looking for or someone who is planning to develop a website, then you have landed the right place at top website designing company in Gurgaon, India. We at First India Website Design is one of the best web designing company in Gurgaon, India which is develop an attractive and the impressive website that glue your audience to the website for a long time with the wonderful design and enriching content. A website is a powerful tool to reach the potential audience in the every nook and cranny of the world. Website is a medium between you and the client that actually convey about your services and products to the customers in a crisp and concise way. Undeniably, a website that is well-built and the user-friendly will make the customers understand what you are trying to convey and give them the solutions required. Consequently, this helps you to boost your brand value in the Indian market in a short time span. Irrespective of the website type and size, we are ready to create a unique website that makes you stand out from your competitors. Our team of web designers in Gurgaon will take your requirements and design the site that is as per your vision. We design the site until you are happy. We are a top notch website designing and development company in Gurgaon, India.

What do we offer to our customers in the Gurugram City?
We strive our best to boost the online presence of a brand in the digital world. We design, develop and maintain the website. Our web designers in Gurgaon will abide by the design standards and ensure to make it look effective and rich. Our experienced website designing company in Gurgaon team will deliver superior quality websites within the given deadline and without compromising on the quality. We use rich images, backgrounds and right color combinations that are appealing to the audience's eyes. Unarguably, we reflect your vision and mission in the web design and development. We design the websites that surpass the clientele expectations and generate outstanding business results. Our designers stay on par with the latest web designing tools and use them to design the websites that are the game changers for your business. We design and test the website to find out the navigation issues, page loading time, and search engine optimization. We hand over the website to the client, once all the issues on the website are fixed and are ready to go live. Our website design services in Gurgaon not just add aesthetic details to your site, but also allow you to market about your business to the potential audience in a convincing way. We are acclaimed by our clients for delivering amazing websites that is as per their business needs. We are proud to say that our reputation is built through word of the mouth advertising from our satisfied clients. Our attractive web designs, powerful strategies and transparent pricing have helped us build a strong trust with our clientele. Many businesses are getting to know the importance of the having a stupendous website with the steep rise in the growth of the internet usage by the people. Undeniably, a good website will engage the customers on your website and complete them to take a desired action. In fact, the website is serving a medium to make purchases. The audience will be able to purchase the products and services via your websites. Web designing is the crucial phase of web creation and development process.

Few of the web services in Gurgaon that are offered by us include:-
Mobile Website Designing in Gurgaon: – Today, around 75% of the people are using mobiles to shop. In fact, the illiteracy rates have never been an issue in reducing the mobile sales with its user-friendly features. Now, many ecommerce businesses and companies are designing their website that is compatible with mobile devices and desktops. Earlier, websites have been just desktop compatible, but with the advent of the mobile technology, people started shopping through mobiles. In fact, many people are shopping online through their mobiles on the go. We design the mobile compatible websites for our clients with a rich and user-friendly manner. We give great attention to every minute detail, including presentation of the content and images on the site, so that it can be easily customized as per the screen size of the customer mobile.

Redesign the Website in Gurgaon:–
A customer gets tedious of seeing the same website design every time. So, it is time to bring a sea change in the look of your website. We make it possible by transforming your website into a beautiful and user-friendly one. Many organizations overlook to redesign the websites as a result; they lose the potential customers for their businesses. As website is a part of the powerful marketing tool, it needs minor amendments in a timely manner. By changing it time to time, it pulls the eyes of the audience and help in boosting the website traffic.

To boost the website performance:–
It is mandatory to make slight changes on the website features. Our web designers in Gurgaon first go analysis through the website features and pull out the features that need to be improvement. We redesign the features that meet your business requirements. If you are or someone who is planning to revamp your old website to new one, then you can stop your search at First India Website Design. We design the sites that drive you to reach your business goals. Undeniably, the service quality of a business will be gauged by their website design. We maintain the industry standards while designing the website to help you reap outstanding results. In fact, the websites modified at our website designing company in Gurgaon, India have reaped successful results for your clientele. We make changes to the logo, make navigation easier, reduce page loading time, add social media buttons, add fresh content, and change images. We also keep the client requirements in the mind while making the changes to the website. We make sure to keep the things simple to deliver a remarkably redesigned website. With a highly skilled team of the website designers and developers in Gurgaon Gurugram, we design exactly that is in your mind and take your business to the next level. Our web designers in Gurgaon created websites have helped our clients to reap huge profits and helped us make them as our esteemed clients. We design the websites by embedding the SEO tactics to ensure that your website appears on the top pages of the search engine results thereby increase in the visibility. At First India Website Design have the website designing and development undertaken in the phases. There are various steps which we undertake when developing the product. First we gather all the initial information, as that is the crux of the entire process. When the right information has been gathered and understood, only then we can the website be designed to your satisfaction. We have a phase wise approach for not only the creation of the website, but also undertake the maintenance of the website so that your site is updated and always current and we ensure a constant and steady stream of the new as well as repeat visitors and the customers.

Here is the process that we follow:
Phase I consists of Information Gathering:- In this phase we gather all the information which is needed in creating a successful website. There are a number of steps to be considered, a number of the factors to be thought of and the designing of the look as well as the feel of the site and so in order to understand the business, the goal of the business as well as the goal of the website and more, we ask a lot of questions and get a lot of information.

When creating a website what we consider are the following:
• The purpose of the website: What is the purpose of the website design so that information will be provided or is the purpose and aim of the website to sell a product or will it be to promote a service?
• What are the goals of the organization and the goals of creating the website: Is it that the primary goal is to share information or is it that the goal is to make money? Is it that the goal is to increase awareness or is the goal to bring recognition?
• Who is the target audience that this is meant for: Who is the ideal person that the website should be visited by, what are the demographics – the sex, age and interests? What is the best style of the website and the best design as well? Infact, based on the these factors even the language on the site is tweaked as well as the pages are so created.
• What kind of the content will be on the site which the audience will look on the site for: Is it that there is specific information which is being searched for or is it information regarding a service or product sold to them? Will the content to be for a niche market or will it be for the general populace. Based on this too there is a lot of tweaking that needs to be done.

Phase II consists of the Planning:-
The Information which has been collected from the phase one is then collected and put together and the website is then planned. In this a site map is developed as well as a list of all the main areas of the site. In case there are topics as well as sub topics, which are included as well. This serves as a guide to see as to what are the things that will figure on the site as well as what is it that is necessary so that the system is easy to understand and navigate as well as is consistent. It is during this phase that content management systems, technologies to be used, interactive forms to be developed etc. are decided.

Phase III is of the Designing:-
In this phase the information is gathered and the look as well as the feel of the site is designed. In this the key factors which are considered are the target audience. For example, if the target audience is teenagers or pre-teens, this will be very different from the sites which have the target audience as investors or for real estate deals. It is during this time the logos and the company colors are incorporated so that the company’s identity is strengthened on the site. First a prototype is designed by us and then we give the client access to it. The client can then view the project all throughout the stages of designing and developing the project. It also allows them to immediately inform and express to us their likes as well as dislikes. Communication is of the utmost importance because the website designed needs to match both the taste as well as the needs of the client. It is crucial that ideas are to be exchanged till the final design is arrived upon.

Phase IV consists of the Development:-
In this stage, the website takes form. There are various individual elements of the prototype that are used and combined to create the website which is fully functional. The content also is during this stage distributed in the appropriate places of the site.

Phase V consists of the Testing and the Delivery:-
In this, all the finely details are tested. The testing is done for the functionality of the scripts and the forms, compatibility issues are checked, the differences between various web browsers are ironed out, the site is optimized so that it can be properly viewed regardless of the browser. Once this has been approved finally, the site is then delivered to the client. The files are uploaded on the server and this usually also consists of installation as well as configuration of Word Press and different plugins which are needed. The system is tested and the uploading of the files and that way the complete functionality of the site is tested and then the site is officially launched and the public can see the site for the first time.

Phase VI is the Maintenance Phase:-
In this phase new products and content is posted on a regular basis and information on the website is changed. That way repeat customers are attracted to the site. In fact maintenance packages are offered by us to our clients and the rates of this depend on how frequent the changes and the additions are made to the site.

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