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What We Do at Website Designing Company in Delhi NCR

Our Company First India Website Design is based in Delhi but we serve clients throughout the country. We specialize in Web Design Solutions and Web Development in India. We build custom made, high quality websites that lead our clients towards real results and not just theoretical solutions. We have a process we like to follow consisting of 9 strategic steps. Our extraordinary team of Web Design staff, from project managers, to digital strategists, designers, online marketing experts, developers – we have just the right knowledge to build a strategy and the most optimum solution for you. We have all the latest technology and all the fun too. Our office grounds are a place of informal chatter and comfort. We believe that a person can bring out the most only if he is at peace and happy. Our team is just that. We are a happy group and we love to be random, think out of the box and have fun. Do not get the wrong idea. We do our job seriously and meticulously follow the latest technologies. We do not believe in being ordinary. We believe that for the average user it takes about 8 seconds to get the page that they are looking for. So it is up to us to ‘Make a Statement’ and get your message across. We believe in keeping it simple and straight because our ultimate goal is to connect with the customer. The website design needs to be impacting for it to be a success. Studies have shown that people tend to trust a site which may not have security but is visually appealing as compared to a site which has tight security but doesn’t look good. A design which stands out tends your users to create a trust or bond. The look of your site is extremely essential so that it can achieve the desired outcome. Whether it is a phone enquiry, a direct online sale, or giving information to current clients, each site has a different outcome and hence each one needs to be made to fit around the needs of the company. Before we get on to the design we prefer taking you through our 3 step investigation process. This consists of going through your web and business strategy, defining the functionality through the wireframes and comprehending the message that the website needs to portray visually and textually. Only then a design can be put together. This is just a portion of our 9 step policy.

Look at our 9 step policy to get a better idea of what we do –
We sit down with you and try and understand your requirements. You talk and we listen.
This phase makes us define the objectives and goals of your new website. We plan our line of attack and establish basic things like the key demographics and the competition. Once we are done with our tactics you will get a full analysis of the new website, the review of your competitor’s websites and your goals. All these info is extremely important to the development of a website which would deliver results.
First India Website Design Delhi Company will build a wireframe displaying the chief areas of the website so as to be able to show how the goals set out above will be achieved. It’ll be like the skeleton of the body that we are going to create. We will set out to show the element’s positions on the pages. Wireframes are like the blueprints for the design. They emphasize the importance and the position of the elements designed. It is our internal step so that we are able to design your website.
The content would come in two parts. You are most welcome to provide the literal content if you are keen. Else we can do the same for you. The content’s second part is the actual message that needs to be portrayed. This could be in design or through words.
We will submit preliminary Design concepts. Our designer will be creating an awesome and high quality website interface depending on the decided outcomes of the strategies, wireframes as well as content phases. The design will be submitted for approval before carrying on to the developmental phase.
Now, we start the development of the website on the basis of the approved designs and the quote. First India Website Design Delhi Company will submit a beta or test version of the website. This will be tested, submitted to the client and for training reasons. Of course, we will plan the timeline depending on the complexity and size of your project.
Training and Q & A:-
Before we let any website go live, we make sure that it passes our rigorous Quality Assurance program. This makes sure that the website is tested in every possible way before launch. Each and every website needs a properly signed project finalization agreement before it goes live.
Live Site and Aftercare:-
Once the website has been completed and gone through our stringent quality assurance program the site will be deployed or installed in a live server. We will allot a dedicated specialist for the aftercare of your site. You can get in touch with them any time if you have any questions or problems.
Complete – Voila!
Our baby has grown and your project is done!

You are paying us, so make sure that you get what you want. There are endless possibilities. Keep a direction in mind when you come to meet with us. Of course, our designers will work with you to set up the right course, but if there is something that you do not like or have something particular that you do like; let us know. Our creative process can take that path. If you have any visual examples of logos or websites that have caught your eye, let us know. That way we both can be on the same page and we can move forward together. Give us your thoughts and ideas and let us get that spark of inspiration.

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